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Counselor In Training (CIT) Program

The Camp Kudzu CIT program is a hands-on, experiential program.  You’ll be thinking and learning on your feet. With opportunities to learn about communication, decision-making, leadership and youth development, this program is an effective path in the transition of participants as they start to stretch from the role of campers into adult volunteers at camp.

cit-compressedYour role as a CIT is going to be different than as a camper. Your daily routine, the pace of the schedule, the expectations placed on you and even where you sit in the dining hall will change. You’ll be helping with opening day directions, taking part in small group discussions, leading the celebration for the Golden Kudzu Awards, discussing cabin responsibilities and being that extra set of hands in an assigned cabin and at camp in general.

There will be some familiarity to camp life. You’ll meet each day with your counselors and clinician, and work together to build trust, enhance problem solving and conflict resolution skills and share ideas and experiences. You’ll spend part of the day assisting with camp activities and cabin groups and the rest of the day you’ll spend with your fellow CITs.

It is a big step to go from being a camper to being a Counselor In Training. CITs at Camp Kudzu have filled a unique niche in the organization since the program began in 2004 and they continue to be a valuable part of our effort to offer a quality camp experience for youth living with type 1 diabetes. CITs are held accountable for the same rules as the campers at camp and are also expected to be role models and leaders. As such, we have very high expectations for the behavior of our CITs.

Our CIT program is divided into two distinct sections:

• CIT 1: For those living with diabetes who are in the 11th grade at the time of application, and who will be going into 12th grade the August/September after they serve as CIT; and
• CIT 2: For those living with diabetes who are in the 12th grade at the time of application, and who will have graduated high school by the summer.

Participants will be placed in a same gender cabin with other CITs and volunteer staff. CITS arrive with volunteers, one day before camper check-in.

The CIT 1 program will be offered twice.

CIT 1 participants are only permitted to attend one of the following sessions. You will have an opportunity in the application to indicate which session you prefer to participate in.
•Session 2 – July 1 – July 7,  2017 – Camp Twin Lakes – Rutledge, GA
•Session 3 – July 8 – July 14,  2017 – Camp Twin Lakes – Rutledge, GA

CIT 1 Application

CIT Recommendation Form (Mandatory)

The CIT 2 program will be offered once.

•Session 4 –  July 29 –  August 5, 2017 – Camp Barney Medintz – Cleveland, GA

CIT 2 Application 

CIT Recommendation Form (Mandatory)

*Please note that there will not be a CIT program offered Session 1 at Camp High Harbour in 2017.

The CIT application and two personal recommendations are due

by 5:00 pm, January 30, 2017.