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Camp in general does a world of good for children. They try new activities, new ways to work and play with others, and even new foods. Diabetes camp plays a very special role in the growth and development of a child living with T1D. It’s the one place where a child doesn’t have to explain about diabetes and it’s the one place a parent can trust that “lows” and “highs” are understood.

“When I came to pick up my son, I saw a young boy who was no longer shy or dismayed about his condition, he was empowered. No more issues of the past, eyes wide open ready to take on each day. Thank you 10 million times x 10 over and over.”


“My daughter couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was to be at camp with ‘kids just like me.’ She learned new skills and came home ready to implement them (she now gives herself her shots and in new locations without even a second thought). It meant so much to me, as a parent, to know she was in a safe environment while away from home! It also was good for her older sister, who worries too, to know that her sister was getting to go away and have a fun camp experience despite her new diagnosis. She gained new skills and confidence, and is ready to return next summer. What more could I ask for?”