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Volunteers are the heart of our organization. We count on you to help us in many ways! Thank you!

Camp Kudzu has many volunteer roles, with variety in positions, time commitments and locations. As varied as our volunteers may be, they all share a strong appreciation for the life-changing experiences our campers and their families get from Camp Kudzu.


  • Summer Camp: It’s a big commitment! And you’ll have a big impact. You get in paid in smiles for going without fancy coffee for a week, leaving your cellphone off, and sleeping in a bunk.
  • Year-round office and administrative help: You may end up reciting the alphabet over and over as you catch up on filing, or you may get to be the master of the letter-folding machine, or you’ll help us get packages out the door. Every day has new stuff to tackle!
  • Involvement in fundraising events and other projects: From tying bows on table displays to being in charge of a Silent Auction and everything in between. We need folks who are task-oriented and folks with executive decision-making and organizing skills.  Please call our office to connect with us:  404.250.1811.
  • Logistical and Advance Team help before and after each major camp:  Wow!  We need a lot of stuff at camp!  It lives year-round in Sandy Springs and has to get to camp with your help.

“I just received your recent letter in the mail thanking me for volunteering for camp. But honestly I should be thanking you. I learned so much that week and had a BLAST with the girls!! So much fun was had by all in Cabin 3!! I am looking forward to coming back next year and maybe try for more sessions!!!” – a volunteer


Donna Says: “I don’t know how you do it, but each year you find the best volunteers!” – a parent