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Some say it takes a village to raise a child…but at Camp Kudzu, it takes an army to put on camp! It’s an army with heart and an army that spends the time it takes to be educated and equipped to make a difference in the lives of children living with type 1 diabetes. We have more than 400 volunteers each summer from all over the United States and from all backgrounds and professions.

Here are just a few important details about volunteering at camp:

  • Staff are asked to remain at camp for the entire week of camp.
  • Knowledge of diabetes is not a prerequisite for volunteering at Camp Kudzu; we will teach you what you need to know.
  • Staff training is a very important part of our volunteer program; therefore, training and orientation will be held preceding camp and is mandatory.

Volunteer FAQs

Is there a separate application for different types of volunteers (clinicians vs. counselors, etc.)?
No. There is one application for all volunteer roles and you will indicate what position you wish to have (Cabin Counselor, Medical Staff, Logistics Staff or Activity Staff).

How many references do I need?
If you are a new volunteer or a first year volunteer after having been a Counselor In Training (CIT), you will need three references from people you are not related to and are not in a relationship with.

Is there a staff manual of policies and procedures for volunteers?
Yes. All staff are required to read and familiarize themselves with the staff manual. Each site that Camp Kudzu hosts programs at will have a unique manual, which you will receive prior to the start of the session.

I know that I am required to be at camp a day early for staff orientation but is there any other training? If so, when are the dates?
Yes. Additional staff training is required for all new volunteer staff members and is optional for returning staff. The dates will be published soon on the Volunteer Registration Page.