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We call the services that people and organizations give to Camp Kudzu “In Kind” Donations. People who give us services are indeed kind! They help us stretch our dollars and improve our programs and operations.

Here are examples of services we would love to be able to tap:

  • Transport services, to get our stuff to and from the many programs we offer year-round
  • Auction acquisition, set-up and auctioneer services
  • Video, audio, IT and presentation production services for events
  • Photographers, including editing, archiving, sorting and production services
  • Music recording and distribution
  • Production and distribution of Camp Slideshows for sharing
  • Medical researchers to evaluate our outcomes and data
  • Sports and musical personalities – our kids love to meet “famous” people!
  • Tickets to events around Georgia
  • Graphic design
  • Sign printing and production

At our camp programs we seek talent for:

  • Evening programs – magicians, jugglers, entertainers
  • Daily activities – what talent do you think our kids would like to learn?