Sharpest Lancet Recap 2018

109 Campers Demonstrated They Are Indeed Kudzu’s “Sharpest Lancets” 

Do Kudzu campers know their carb ratios? Sensitivity? Types and names of insulins they take? At the end of Kudzu’s 2018 season, 109 campers demonstrated well-rounded knowledge of diabetes management by completing the “Passport to Sharpest Lancet.”

A comprehensive collection of diabetes management skills and important pieces of knowledge have been pieced together to compile the passport. A variety of skills are assessed including both conceptual and concrete skills such as verbally explaining T1D, drawing up insulin via syringe (think failed pump site here…), adjusting insulin for exercise and individual-specific diabetes knowledge including ratios, sensitivities, and more.  

While the ever-popular Golden Syringe Award still exists to celebrate small victories, the Sharpest Lancet strings the small victories together and requires that campers work towards the achievement each summer. At the end of each session, campers who achieve this highest honor award are celebrated in a pinning ceremony at which they receive a Kudzu leaf pin to sport on their nametag lanyards in future summers. Staff members with diabetes got in on the fun too and showed that they know their stuff—be sure to look for staff with leaf pins for summers to come!


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