Blood Sugar Spikes Out of Nowhere?

If you’re new to diabetes you are probably still figuring out how insulin, food, and activity affect
your blood sugar. If you’ve had diabetes for a while you may have most of that all figured. Or at
least that’s what you think until you experience a spike in blood sugar out of nowhere. Even
when we are following all the recommendations to keep your blood sugar within target range
there may be some triggers that can send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride.
Here is a list of triggers that the CDC reports may increase blood sugar levels.

1. Sunburn: Much like other physical stressors, pain from sunburn can cause your blood sugar
to rise.

2. Artificial sweeteners: Some studies have shown that nonnutritive sweeteners may raise
blood sugar. It is important to mention that these studies where done on animal subjects
and the known effect on humans are not clear.

3. Coffee: Some people may be extra-sensitive to caffeine which could cause a spike in blood

4. Lack of sleep: Not enough shut-eye can cause your body to use insulin less efficiently.
5. Skipping breakfast: Passing up your first meal of the day can increase blood sugar after
lunch and dinner.

6. Time of day: Blood sugar management can become harder to control as the day gets later.

7. Dawn phenomenon: Our bodies sometimes will send out a surge of hormones early in the
morning to provide extra energy to be able to wake up. This effect can cause blood sugar
levels to rise.

8. Dehydration: Less water in your body equals less water in your blood increasing the
concentration of blood sugar.

9. Nose sprays: Some may have chemicals that can trigger your liver to produce glucose.

10. Poor dental health: Dental disease can cause complications in diabetes as well as spike
blood sugar. So, make sure not to skip your dentist appointments!

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Carrie Claiborne, Medical Coordinator

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