The Zezulka Family Raise Awareness About Adoption and Camp Kudzu

When asked what sparked our decision to keep our daughter Ivey involved in Camp Kudzu? We honestly didn’t have much of a choice because Ivey loves camp so much and talks about it all the time haha! No, but seriously, before Ivey moved in with us I had the chance to speak to an old friend who grew up with type 1 diabetes. I asked her what advice she had for me, as a soon to be parent of a child with diabetes.
Her number one piece of advice was to send Ivey to a camp for kids with diabetes. She said that it not only meant a lot to her as a kid but now as an adult the friends she made at her diabetes camp growing up are still close friends today. As kids, they supported each other through kid diabetes issues like social concerns or dating concerns. Now as adults they are able to recommend medications, discuss insurance issues, even help each other with fertility and diabetes questions.
I hadn’t thought about the kind of support system and network we could help Ivey cultivate by making the investment each summer to send her to Camp Kudzu.

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