Sydney was born in Greenville, SC. She is the oldest of three girls in her family. Sydney loves to cheer, sing, dance, and sometimes act. She is in 7th grade, where she is active in Chorus and an all-girls volunteering and empowerment group named Dacula Pearls.  Sydney has also been a cheerleader for the Duluth Wildcats since 2nd grade. She is an all-around great person to be around who goes out of her way to help others. 

Year Diagnosed: 2013

Years as a camper: 6 years 

• What’s your favorite part about camp? 

My favorite part about camp is when I feel like I’m not the only person dealing with type 1 diabetes.  

• If you could describe Camp Kudzu in one word, what would that word be?


• What’s one of your favorite memories of camp?

My favorite memory of camp was when my group danced to Sharapy in the talent show. We had so much fun.  

• What’s the most helpful or interesting thing that you learned at camp?

I learned how to carb count at camp.  

• If you could only do one activity at camp, what would it be?


• What would you tell a potential camper about Camp Kudzu?

Camp Kudzu is a place where you can come and have fun without having to worry about your diabetes.

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