Sports and High-level Activities

Having T1D doesn’t exclude you from participating in sports or activities, it actually has a ton of benefits! Those with T1D just have to adjust their daily habits just a bit. This can include timing or types of snacks, drinking more water, or having extra blood sugars checks. Making exercise changes may seem daunting in the beginning but it does get easier as you go. Exercising should be an important part of a child’s life and in addition to strengthening bones and muscles, it also strengthens a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Regular exercise can relieve stress and improve coordination and energy and being part of a team sport helps them build teamwork and connect. With all the positives there should be no holding back! The links below will help you get over the hurdle of managing blood sugars and activities as well as provide tips on how to educate coaches and teammates on T1D making sure that everyone is on board.   


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