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Family Camp

Fall Family Camp – October 26-28, 2018 

Each year we offer two Family Camp weekends, one in the fall and the other in the spring. The location is Camp Twin Lakes, in Rutledge, Georgia, about 55 miles east of downtown Atlanta. Join us for an amazing weekend of diabetes education, family bonding, networking, and fun!


2015 FFCDiabetes affects the whole family, and Camp Kudzu’s Family Camps are for the whole family.  No child or infant is too young and no teen is too old.  It’s empowering to see families come together to learn more about diabetes and share their common experiences in a supportive setting. The weekend includes workshops on diabetes and activities for everyone, including “drop ins” where you choose what you want to do.


 IMG_7186Informative speakers and panel discussions give everyone a new perspective.  Carb counts for all menu items, meals and snacks, simplify life.  Family camp is a great introduction for newly diagnosed or young children, or families who need a boost in dealing with diabetes.  Family camp weekends also provide a peek into camp life for parents and siblings.  It starts in the early evening (6:30 pm) on Friday and concludes before lunch on Sunday.

“The experience for the parents at family camp is profound. We transcended to a whole new level of understanding – not on the medical side really, but we absorbed so much from the shared experiences of others. There were several newly diagnosed families. They are so strong. I know what they are going through, and I know how hard their lives must be at this moment. We have been diagnosed 3+ years, and I cried when talking this weekend!! We are a family of easy criers though.”

The Family Camp fee ($400) includes housing, with one family per cabin (however, you can request to share a cabin with friends), as well as all food, activities and program expenses for the entire family. Family Camp is limited to immediate family members living in the camper’s home. Extended family members are welcome at an additional cost of $125/person. Need-based scholarships are available. For additional information, please contact us at 404-250-1811 or

Teen Retreat

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Teen Retreat— February 1-3, 2019 at Camp Twin Lakes

Camp Kudzu’s Teen Retreat is a weekend for teens to just be teens! Hosted at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia, the fun-filled weekend will include high-level activities and additional exciting programming geared towards teens. Teens will have the chance to reconnect with friends and build new relationships with a smaller group of peers while exploring the tough diabetes challenges they likely face daily.

Registration will open on November 5th, 2018. Scholarships will be available.

The 2018-2019 Year-Round Program Fees are:

  • Teen Retreat: $200 (including a $50.00 non-refundable deposit)

The 2018-2019 Year-Round Program Fees are:

    • Family Camp: $400.00 (including a $50.00 non-refundable deposit)
    • Teen Winter Retreat: $200 (including a $50 non-refundable deposit)

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