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Share Your Story

Camp Kudzu encourages you to share with our website visitors what matters to you.  Your story can be about a Camp Kudzu experience, life with diabetes, your ideas for new programs and events.  It can be told in words, in pictures or your own video.  We hope your story makes you feel connected with Camp Kudzu’s campers and friends and with the larger diabetes community.  You can also give hope and inspiration, and maybe even a little humor,  to others living with diabetes.


1. Respect is the name of the game! All entries must be respectful of the Camp Kudzu community. Therefore, there is no need for verbal put downs or ridicule of others.

2. Keep it clean – your language, that is!

3. Bullying of any sort, either physical or verbal.

4. We at Camp Kudzu promote best practices in diabetes self-management. Therefore, any entries promoting non-compliance will be removed.

5. No condoning the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs.

6. No promotion of the use or possession of knives, guns, weapons or dangerous items of any kind.