Ashlyn Richards

Camp Kudzu has definitely helped me as Zharia’s older sister. When she was first diagnosed, it was really hard to watch my sister experience low blood sugar, to give her insulin, and check her blood sugar. It was new and frightening. We would be nervous to leave her places by herself with others who didn’t really know what it meant to have diabetes because we were not sure if she could take care of herself. We were just always in fear that something would happen.

Camp Kudzu definitely helped ease that fear and it made it easier for me to watch her check her blood sugar, give herself insulin, and help her with her lows because she was more confident in her abilities to do it herself. Camp Kudzu also made her feel more confident in living with diabetes. It showed her that having diabetes didn’t make her weird or different and seeing her confidence made me feel better as a big sister. Now I am comfortable and worry free when she is alone. Thank you Camp Kudzu!