Family Camp

Family Camp

Camp Kudzu offers two Family Camp weekends each year in the fall and spring.

Diabetes affects the whole family, and our Family Camps are for the whole family. No child or infant is too young, and no teen is too old. We believe it is empowering when families come together to learn more about diabetes and share their common experiences in a supportive setting.

Each camp session takes place at Camp Twin Lakes, in Rutledge, Georgia, about 55 miles east of downtown Atlanta. It starts in the early evening (6:30 p.m.) on Friday and concludes before lunch on Sunday. The weekend includes workshops on diabetes and activities for everyone, including “drop-ins,” where your family can choose what you want to do.

Family camp is a great place for newly diagnosed, young children or families who need a boost in dealing with diabetes. Informative speakers and panel discussions give everyone a new perspective. You will also gain helpful tips and tricks to simplify life while helping your family member manage their diabetes. Overall these weekends provide a peek into camp life for parents and siblings.

You’re invited to join us for an amazing weekend of diabetes education, family bonding, networking, and fun!

“Incredible organization. Attended as a camper, spent two years as a Counselor-in-Training and have been back nearly every summer since because Camp Kudzu is such an amazing group. The staff clearly wants to be there and help campers enjoy the most out of their “journey” while at camp. It is one of the most rewarding weeks you can spend your time.”
- Jennifer Odom

2024 Family Camp Dates

Spring Family Camp

April 26 – 28, 2024

All Ages Welcome
Camp Twin Lakes, Rutledge

Registration Closed

Summer Family Camp

July 28 – 30 or
July 30 – August 2

All Ages Welcome
Camp Barney Medintz, Cleveland

Registration Open Now

Fall Family Camp

November 1 – 3, 2024

All Ages Welcome
Camp Twin Lakes, Rutledge

Registration opens early fall 2024


The true cost of camp greatly exceeds what Camp Kudzu charges our families for camp programs. We are grateful for year-round donations that enable us to continue offering these subsidized fees.

The cost for a Family Camp Weekend is $600 per family, including a non-refundable $50 deposit.

Scholarships are available for families and campers in all our programs, including our family camp programs. Scholarship applications are included in all online and paper application packets. Families are asked to pay the non-refundable deposit and submit that payment WITH camper/family and scholarship application paperwork. Returning campers/families are eligible for a scholarship each year.