Enrollment Information

Welcome to the Camp Kudzu registration page! To register for a  program or event, please click the Register Now button below. For more information on programs and events, please see the FAQs section below.

If you have questions about the online registration process, please contact Mandy Conroy at mconroy@campkudzu.org or 404-250-1811.

Register Now!

There are two ways to register:

  • Register Now: Note that online applications will require payment information for the camp session’s deposit by debit or credit card. To access Camp Kudzu’s online registration system, please click here.
  • Register by Mail or Fax: Complete a paper application form and return it via fax or U.S. Mail. Faxed applications must include debit or credit card payment information. Mailed applications may include a check or money order. Call our office at (404) 250-1811 if you need a paper application mailed to you.

The final camp payment due date depends on the date of enrollment and camp session. All payments must be made before the start of the program.

Registration Process

  • Step 1: Create an account or sign in to your previous account (online only)
  • Step 2: Complete an online application or paper application (*Note: you will receive an application completion email once your application is complete)
  • Step 3: Have a licensed healthcare professional in your child’s endocrinologist’s office complete and fax the Camp Kudzu Health Form. Only for Summer Overnight Sessions, Sprouts Day Camp, Teen Retreat & Junior Retreat
  • Step 4: Once your child or family unit has been accepted into a session you will receive an acceptance email
  • Step 5: Three to four weeks before a session, you will receive a Camp Guide with more specifics on that session of camp (*Note: for Summer Camp, Sprouts, Teen Retreat, & Junior Retreat you will need to fill out the Blood Glucose Log prior to camp)

Summer Session Waitlists

Admission from waitlists depends on space availability by gender, age, session, and date of diagnosis. We have cancellations throughout the season and the quickest way to have your child moved off the waitlist is to make sure his/her application is completed in our system and ready to go. You will receive an email from Camp Kudzu confirming your waitlist status. Please note, campers on a waitlist are not required to pay the deposit. Should a spot become available, the deposit will be required once the camper is accepted into a session.


What is the tier structure?

Camp Kudzu’s changes in the fee structure allow for the continued growth and strengthen the impact of the organization. Our passion and desire to impact that T1D community is stronger than ever. We need to ask more of those who can support Camp Kudzu’s work to pave the way for the sustainability of our scholarship program. More than 40% of our campers each participate and are able to take part in Camp Kudzu programs with the help of our scholarship program. We also realize this year the need will likely be greater.

With tier pricing, everyone can self-select the price level that fits them. Families that select Tier 3 are paying it forward, Tier 2 families support the financial stability of Camp Kudzu, and Tier 1 families can attend camp with the support of others.

A move to a tiered pricing structure has been part of Camp Kudzu’s Three-Year Strategic Plan adopted in 2019. The end goal is moving away from a fee-based structure entirely… yes, removing the financial barriers of attending a program. Currently, it is a Short-Term Solution that will lead to a Long-Term Strategy- $0 Camper Fee Model.

Tier 3: Camp Fee Plus Paying it Forward
Description: This fee more closely accounts for the true costs of camp. This option is for families who are able to cover the full camp fee and pay it forward for other families to continue having the opportunity to attend camp through our scholarship fund.

Tier 2: Camp Fee
Description: This is our camp fee and is a partially subsidized fee.

Tier 1: Scholarship
Description: This tier allows families to pay the portion of camp fees they can, and the difference is made up by monies from our scholarship fund. The fee will be determined by the information provided in the scholarship application. The minimum amount to participate in Tier 1 is $200. This would be a non-refundable registration fee and we will make every effort we can to work with you to get your camper(s) to camp.

We ask that participants choose the tier that is most suitable for their family. For those families who cannot afford Tier 1, additional financial assistance is available to ensure with scholarship funds, campers and their families can attend Camp Kudzu Programs.

If you have any concerns about paying the $200, please contact Mandy Conroy at mconroy@campkudzu.org or 404-495-4863

Cost of Camp:

Historically, every person in every program has benefitted from the generous support of our individual donors, foundations, civic clubs and organization, government grants, and corporate sponsors. The true cost of all our programs greatly exceeds our fees. In a traditional year, the cost (both direct and indirect) for a summer session per camper can exceed $1,500. The fee for a week of overnight camp in 2022 is $1,200.

For the first time in nearly 8 years, we changed the camper fee to move closer to the true accounting of the expenses of a camper at Camp Kudzu. Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, Camp Kudzu has instituted a three-tier fee program. The concept of tiered pricing is based on the principle that a family’s financial commitment should be proportionate to its financial resources.

Payment schedule:

Families may request to only pay the non-refundable deposit to lessen their out-of-pocket money months out from the program date. The payments schedule allows for payments to be due as camp time approaches. Look at and understand the payment schedule.

  • Nonrefundable Deposit due at registration
  • 66 Days from the start of the program 25% of the balance is due
  • 36 Days from the start of the program 25% of the balance is due
  • 5 Days from the start of the program remaining balance due

Please note- In recent years, payments were spread out 6-8 increments starting in January and ended as camp started. There will be fewer payments however, the payments will be for larger amounts.

Scholarship Program:

As the entire economy works on bouncing back from the health crisis, so will Camp Kudzu’s Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are awarded based on the need of the request and the availability of funds. Often, our donors and grantors have guidelines on how the money is to be awarded, i.e. geography of the state, income level, grade in school, the newness of diagnosis, etc.

Scholarship applications are built into the registration form. We do ask for proof of income documentation and a narrative of need to accompany the request. If your household can comfortably afford a portion of the camp fee and no more, please share that on the application and we will work with you.

What goes into the "Cost" of camp?

A full schedule of family camps, 1-day programs, adventure outings, high school leadership training, continuing education opportunities for School Nurses, teen retreats, movie nights, Camp KudZoom, Ask the Medical Experts, panels, virtual pen-pals, and cohort meetings during doctor’s appointments make Camp Kudzu a year-round educational organization. In addition to the dollars raised through our fundraising efforts, program fees paid by families support Camp Kudzu’s work. In the past 21 plus years, we have evolved from a supergroup of volunteers sharing their garage space for camp supply storage camp supplies to a paid staff and an office that is more than an address at a mailbox store. There are both direct and indirect costs in maintaining the quality and consistency of the organization The impact waves of the recent global health crisis’ on Camp Kudzu have been significant. Camp Kudzu’s Leadership and Board of Directors took steps together to navigate the rocky time, which called for many tough decisions to be made. Some of these decisions included-

• Staff reorganized, eliminating three positions.
• All remaining Camp Kudzu Staff had a salary reduction across the board for the year.
• Part-time employees had a reduction in hours.
• Employees had to assume additional payments for health insurance costs.
• And, on top of the salary reduction, staff had 2 two-week furloughs in 2021.


If you need assistance with an enrollment issue or want more information about a camp program, please contact us at (404) 250-1811 or registration@campkudzu.org.