Compass Society

The Compass Society is a committed group of supporters who help Camp Kudzu educate, empower and inspire children with diabetes through major gifts. If you are interested in joining, please contact Rob Shaw at or Jessica Martinez at

Benefits of Joining the Compass Society

  • You will be included in our Annual Report and website (or may remain anonymous)
  • Invitations as honored guests to educational and social events several times each year
Compass Society

I’m proud to be a member of the Compass Society because I know that my gifts help children living with type 1 diabetes learn how to manage their disease. This will empower them to do whatever they set their minds to without diabetes getting in their way.

Karen Carlson, MD

Compass Society Members

We thank the following Compass Society members for their generous support of Camp Kudzu:

Dr. and Mrs. William Allen III
Dr. Stephen W. Anderson and Dr. Jane Frederick
Dr. and Mrs. Wilson P. Andrews, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Bancroft
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartolanzo
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Bennett
Mrs. Consuelo B. Ecuyer
Dr. Bruce W. Bode
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Brand
Dr. Grant Carlson and Dr. Karen Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Cash
Mr. Nate Dever
Mr. and Mrs. David Evans
Mrs. Jessica Frank
Mr. Robert Goldstein and Mrs. Amanda Levi
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Goran
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graff
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Haas
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hutto
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kipniss
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Klumok
Mr. and Mrs. John Knop
Mr. Kinan Lagast

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lamons
Ms. Cristina L. McNulty
Ms. Amber Medley
Mr. Scott I. Merlin
Mr. and Mrs. George Mesaros
Ms. Jill Morrisey
Ms. Cristina McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Larren Odom
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Riddle
Ms. Nancy Rollins
Mrs. Ruth Rollins
Mr. and Mrs. John Ross
Dr. Lawrence Rowley and Dr. Avril Beckford
Mr. Joshua Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Southerland
Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Tanenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Tichenor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tolbert
Ms. Erin Turner
Dr. and Mrs. Quentin Van Meter
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Marlan Wilbanks
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Womack
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Zgonc