Newly Diagnosed

Are you a parent of a newly diagnosed child or teen with type 1 diabetes or new to our community? We are so glad you’ve found us. You may have already gathered, but Camp Kudzu is MORE than just “camp.” Yes, our programs are fun—we’re a little biased—and include summer camp, family camp, day programs, and everything in between. But beyond that, we’re a year-round community for families affected by T1D. From sleepless nights with stubborn blood sugars to second-guessing yourself on carb counts, members of our community can relate—and empathize—on those tough diabetes days. They’re there to celebrate the good ones, too.  

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Explore below for resources that members of the Kudzu family have found helpful over the years as they navigate T1D. From 504 plans, sick day management, planning for sports, and everything in between, our Kudzu families have helped pool their favorite resources. Camp Kudzu has diabetes—and you—covered.  


A Letter to Newly Diagnosed Parents from our Associate Executive Director

You found the courage to click on this!  Wow, your heart rate and thoughts must be in high gear.    The mere idea of camp means that someone other than you would be providing care, critical care for your child. Whew… that’s a lot to think about.  Camp Kudzu is a place and community of people that you never wanted […]

Food and Nutrition

If trying to figure out carb counting and insulin dosing makes your head spin, you are not alone. Many families new to T1D have struggled with what types of foods to eat, the timing of meals, and figuring out the proper balance of carbs and proteins. With some direction and a little practice, you’ll find […]

Sports and High-level Activities

Having T1D doesn’t exclude you from participating in sports or activities, it actually has a ton of benefits! Those with T1D just have to adjust their daily habits just a bit. This can include timing or types of snacks, drinking more water, or having extra blood sugars checks. Making exercise changes may seem daunting in […]

Sick Day Management

You learn so many things in such a short time at diagnosis about managing your child’s diabetes. One of the most important of these things—how to manage diabetes in the midst of an illness such as a cold or the flu—is the knowledge that you (hopefully) don’t have to use all-that-often. That said, it’s crucial that you […]

Back to School after T1D Dx

Sending your child back to school after a T1D diagnosis can be scary. This is likely the first time that you’ve separated from your child since diagnosis and it can be overwhelming to pass their diabetes management on to a school nurse or someone within the school. In addition to the many, many other things […]

Newly Dx FAQ / Hearing from other parents like you.

When you first had a child, you likely had others around you that had “been there done that” in raising a newborn. Having someone to count on when it came to answering your questions related to all-things-baby was likely a huge source of support and comfort, knowing who to turn to.   A diagnosis of T1D can be very similar in that […]