South Georgia Programs

Camp Kudzu is expanding our reach across the state and offering new programs for our families and campers in the Savannah, GA area.

Please stay tuned for new programs coming your way to educate, empower and inspire children living with type 1 diabetes in Southern Georgia!

Interested in getting involved in the Savannah area?

Contact Cyndi Satlow-Outreach Coordinator, Savannah or (912) 244-4101

Upcoming Events

Aug 24
HANG 10!-Surf Program
10:00 am - 4:00 pmRead more


We Went Bananas, Now We Are Going Surfing!

Camp Kudzu South showed up July 13th to cheer on the Savannah Bananas vs the Macon Bacon for a 6-1 win! We were overjoyed to see all of our 50 baseball tickets were sold to support Camp Kudzu in our first local fundraiser in the Savannah Area. $6.00 of every ticket sale comes back to

Catching Waves for Health and Well-Being

Let’s go surfin’ now everybody’s learning how come on and safari with me…… Growing up in Miami I learned very early on to love the water. I know after a long day at work, or a stressful situation the water can heal. Something about the way the waves rhythmically lap at your feet and how

New Faces, Strong Support

We completed our first culinary program here in South GA called Food for Thought on May 18th. It was an amazing day to see the participants really digging in and committing to learning, re-learning and expanding their comfort zone around food. The program started in the morning with a great team building activity about how