• Girl with pony.
  • Boy on kayak.
  • Igbo Ijele from Nigeria to Camp Kudzu.



Camp Kudzu’s power is transformative and adds joy, hope and confidence to young lives.  Learning to reach for dreams and never being limited by diabetes happens in the fresh air and in the gathering places and paths of camp in the company of health care professionals, mentors and caring, well-trained counselors.

Camp Kudzu is Georgia’s single largest resource, outside hospitals and clinics, for diabetes self-management education.  It’s a Georgia-based nonprofit.  Camp Kudzu offers summer camps, family weekends, teen retreats, adventure trips and more.  The focus is on fun, but the lessons learned are critical to long-term health.  Children who have access to quality diabetes management education at a young age can reduce their risk of diabetes-related complications and often display greater emotional resilience in coping with their diabetes.  Camp is a child-friendly atmosphere where healthy habits are reflected by adult role models living with diabetes as well. Diabetes camp also offers the same benefits of any other residential camp-games, new friends, and a lot of fun!

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“There is one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” – Graham Greene

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